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  1. Svetlana says:

    I had an amazing experience at Downsview Auto, they really do provide quality service, and their prices are the lowest in the market. I will recommend this dealership to everyone I know who is shopping for Mazda 3.

  2. I have nothing but praise for Downsview. When I picked up my Mazda 3, I was amazed at how much it felt like a NEW car. They answered all of my questions, and were incredibly helpful. There customer service is unbeatable. If you have a problem, it will be dealt with immediately, in the most efficient manner possible. You won’t find a better price anywhere.

  3. J. Costa says:

    I purchased my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto recently, I strongly recommend anybody that is looking for a used car to visit the dealership. Friendly and helpful salespeople. Fantastic prices and a large inventory to choose from. No sales pressure is a bonus . On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Downsview Auto a 9.9

  4. I purchase my Mazda 3 from downsview auto, and they were very helpfull ansering all my questions, they also gave me the oportunity to take the car to my mechanic
    they also deliverd all the promisses, such as new brakes and rotores, and the on dash GPS, the overall no sales pressure.
    my overall experience was great, I Highly recommend Thanks guys!

  5. Edward says:

    Best price in town for a Mazda 3. Overall satisfied with the experience from Downsview Auto.

  6. When I went to Downsview Auto, I had done some research of my own, but my experience with them was very wonderful. I was able to ask all the questions I wanted before committing to a deal and they addressed all of my queries. Their prices are the best in the Mazda dealerships. I am happy with my Mazda and recommend them to anyone interested in a reliable car! By the way, they come with a GPS…. Imagine my joy!!!

  7. I Had a good experience with Downsview Auto. There prices are great, and there staff is really focused on helping you find the right car. They have a big selection of cars to choose from, and they took care of me very well, the prosess was easy and i didn’t have to do alot of work to get my car. I would recomend Downsview to someone looking for a good used car.

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  10. Carlos C says:

    I discovered Downsview Auto while working my way through Auto Trader and upon visiting their shop, I was welcomed with their friendly customer service AND competitive pricing! Being an advocate of buying new cars ONLY, my experience with Aaron, Eddie, and Sasha was reassuring and comfortable. I took full advantage of their winter tire and touch screen promotion, not to mention their great warranty options. The boys gave me an opportunity to inspect my own vehicle and were quick to alleviate any issues that I pointed out (say thanks to Avi for me).

    Overall, you guys have a great thing going and I’ve already recommended you guys to my family and friends. Keep up the good work!

  11. I first heard of Downsview Auto while leafing through Autotrader. I had been considering a Mitsubishi against the Mazda, but between Mazda’s well regarded reputation, amazing deal and friendly service I received at Downsview Auto, my choice was easy. I love my Mazda 3 and it is so fun to drive!

  12. After searching a lot for a dealer, my husband found the Downsview website and he felt in love with the Mazda 3. The following saturday we drove from Burlington to take a look at the dealer and found the car we were looking for. The customer service was great even do it was a busy day for the sales people. After three days we went back to pick up our new car and it was the first Toronto snow storm. When we got there our car was ready on time and once again we received an excellent customer service and all the paper work was ready too. So, we didn’t have to wait any longer to drive our car back to Burlington. We already have recommend this dealer to our friends and everybody loves our new purchase.

  13. I recently purchased a Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto and am completely satisfied with not only the vehicle, but with the process as well. After looking for used vehicles on the market it became quite clear that Downsview Auto had the best prices, by far, and I was not disappointed. The car was in great shape, the price was fantastic, and Eddie and Stu were amazing customer service representatives who made my car buying experience an enjoyable one. They answered all of my questions in a straightforward manner and had all of the paperwork ready to go on the day of pickup. I was absolutely impressed by the entire process.

    I would recommend, without hesitation, Downsview Auto for anyone looking to purchase a Mazda.

    Keep up the excellent work Downsview Auto.

  14. What a very lucky 16 year old daughter I have! And how cool a mom am I??? LOL
    I certainly never was given a fully loaded sweet deal of a car when I was a teenager 🙂
    She is extremely happy with her Mazda 3 and I was very satisfied with the entire experience at Downsview Auto. Highly recommend.

  15. The staff at Downsview Auto were very helpful and knowledgeable. Everything was done quickly, which was convenient, because we were from out of town. I felt like the staff was very genuine, and had lots of product knowledge.

  16. Roy says:

    Great place to deal with, great value. Sales people were extreamely helpful. I have reccomended this dealership to a lot of people. Worth the drive to downsview,…Saturday early .

    Thanks again…

  17. taylor says:

    I have alot of things to say about downsview!

    -very good service, with salesman.
    -made me feel comfortable buying my first car.
    -answered all my questions..
    -cant beat the prices and the promotion, with gps/snowtires etc.
    -very happy with my car.

    i could go on forever!

    i told some people i know about this place.

  18. taylor says:

    i like my car,, thanks

  19. Anna says:

    I recently purchased a 2007 mazda 3 from downsview auto and I absolutely love it.
    Not only are the prices very reasonable but downsview also makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The people at downsveiw are very helpful, and friendly. Sasha, the person who helped me with my car, walked me threw the cars in the lot until I found the car that was perfect for me. I found it very refreshing that he wasn’t pushy about selling me anything and even when I picked my car he didn’t jump on the sale. He gave me some time and space to decide if that was the one I wanted for sure. The only thing that was disappointing was the fact that he didn’t come with the car!! 
    Erin was the one who finalized my paper work. He was very nice and also very helpful. I did come back because I was worried about my brakes. Erin went on a test drive with me and was very pacient with me. (I’m sorry Erin it wasn’t the brakes it was me turns out my seat was alittle to far away) 
    Alex was the one who I dealt with on my pick up day. He was also very pleasant.
    And Tanya is the receptionist who is very nice and friendly with a cheerful and bubbly personality.
    I visited many car dealerships before I went to downsview auto and from my experience they are by far the best when it comes to prices, and customers service. 

    Thanks guys I love my car 
    (even though it’s not black) 

  20. I was VERY impressed with everyone at Downsview Auto. I am one that shops around when I buy anything, and buying a used car can be scary. I looked in Autotrader, went to a few different used dealers and also went directly to Mazda dealers. Of course Mazda said that they were the only dealer to trust, as they are a big dealership. Funny, when I mentioned to them that another Mazda dealer had a better price on a simular car, they of course told me that I should not necessarily trust that car. (and they were around $5000 more expensive!!!)
    So, I went back to Downsview, saw a car that I liked, and asked them that once the car was certified that they send it the Mazda dealer of my choice. The next day the Mazda mechanic told me that it was a great car and that he only had great experiences with Downview Auto Dealers.
    Downview can offer cars at a significant discount because of the volume of cars they sell each week, as well as the perks they add to the car. I received a free set of winter tires, and a fabuluos built in GPS that also has bluetooth for the phone, and has a great iPod attachment.
    I give Downview Auto a 10 out of 10.
    p.s. Hint…if you want to buy a car at Downsview you need to go at 10 a.m. sharp Saturday morning, because they receive their shipment the night before. Expect to see around 10 to 20 people the moment the dealership opens looking to buy a car!
    Good luck finding your next Zoom Zoom!!



  22. I had a great experience with Downsview. Customer service was good, prices were right, the employees had answered all my questions and they seemed very knowledgeable and knew what they were talking about. They offered me some great deals that I couldn’t pass up such as a new $600 GPS installed in my car for free and it was all touch screen, 4 all season tiers and 4 snow tiers for free. They even took my all season tiers off and put on my snow tiers with my rims for me for free. I got a discount on my car because I was a returned client. All in all I had a great experience there and I have recommended it and will keep recommending it to others.

    Stephanie Lesperance

  23. Kyle says:

    I was referred to Downsview Auto and when I got there it was hard to pick! So many nice cars. I ended up and a 2005 sport hatchback and it has been the greatest purchase of my life! I would like to thank everybody there for doing a great job and putting these beauty cars on the road

  24. Kim says:

    Bought my Mazda 3 at the end of December. The prices at Downsview by far are less expensive then anywhere I have looked. Not only that, I received the in-dash Touch screen GPS,Stereo, Dvd player and it is great! I also got the free snow tires and took advantage of purchasing the rims to match (which were cheaper than anywhere else).
    Their no pressure approach is great, no one is bugging you but they are there to help if you need it! There are so many Mazda to choose from you wont leave there without finding exactly what you are looking for!!! I ended up trading in my vehicle and they offered my $500.00 more than any other dealer I had visited, without even seeing the vehicle. I would definatley recommend Downsview to anyone looking to purchase a mazda. If its a Mazda you want, you seriouly can not go wrong here!!

  25. I had a great experience buying my car through Downsview Auto. I drove from Kingston to Downsview to get my car and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I enjoy my Mazda 3 and all the features located in the car and would really like to thank Downsview for all their help and will defintely recommend them to everyone I know.

  26. John says:

    For several weeks, I had been searching online to purchase my son’s first car before beginning University soon. Once we narrowed it down to a Mazda 3 due to it’s safety, style and gas mileage our searches seemed to be consistently directing us back to Downsview Auto. We were somewhat reluctant to enquire on the vehicles of interest at Downsview since we live in Windsor ON. (approximately 4 hours drive) but the pricing, selection and incentives offered couldn’t be found elsewhere. Hats off to the staff and owners, it’s apparent that they have a winning formula. My son loves the car and we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Downsview Auto.
    It was worth the drive!

  27. Desiree says:

    Just before Christmas I bought a 2007 Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto. I was very happy with my experience. The staff was very helpful and accommodating. I had been looking through auctions for months and the prices at Downsview Auto were not only the lowest I found but included extended percs such as snow tires and a GPS system, also a full safety was included and new brakes which just added to the already great price. I have and will continue to recommend buying a Mazda from Downsview Auto and will likely perchance another one for myself in the future.

  28. Sharda says:

    We were very pleased with the selection Downsview Auto had but more impressed with the process. They are very straightforward and provide you with a full vehicle history including accidents. They encourage an inspection and will ensure any repairs, or adjustments are done prior to completing the sale. It makes the decision making easier when you take the guess work out of it. We did have a minor repair and they did honour the 30 day warranty however there was one issue. The car was missing it’s back speakers. The model we purchased was a GT and included that feature. This issue is still yet to be resolved. We are enjoying our Mazda 3 otherwise!

  29. Troy says:

    Took possesion of my new Mazda 3 today! Had it checked out and the only thing the mechanic had to say was the wipers could be replaced! Car is in great condition and is a blast to drive. The guys at Downsview made buying so easy, I was surprised that it was so simple to get a used car at such a great price! Definitely will recommend them for anyone in the market for a used Mazda!

    Troy Hogan

  30. Ian Roberts says:

    The staff at downsview were all very friendly and insightful towards helping me make my difficult decision between their large selection of Mazda’s. The quality of their vehicles combined with their prices and promotions are the best in the market and I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking to purchase a Mazda 3!

  31. Jennie Ting says:

    I bought my first car at Downsview auto and was very satisfied with my purchase. They were patient with me and made sure that I really liked what I was getting into before I committed to my decision. There was a lot to choose from and when I didn’t like something there was no pressure to buy something else. I loved that they threw in the GPS in dash system as it is very helpful and to watch dvds on long road trips makes the time pass by faster. I loved the service and definitely recommend buying your next car at Downsview Auto.

  32. Basel says:

    I purchased a Mazda 3 from downsview auto motors. The thing that I liked the most there was the car history done on the car. I got to check what accidents the vehicle had. You get what you pay for there. When I got there to receive my car I had to wait a couple of hours but thats fine considering it was the last day before New Year’s holiday and how many customers were there.

  33. Jeremy says:

    I had a pretty good experience with downsview auto, much to my surprise. I had previously had a very bad experience with the dealership I bought my previous car from so was very cautious about where i was buying my car from. They answered all my questions, and concerns and left me feeling like I was making the right decision with buy a car from them, and that decision was one of the best I’ve made as I am very happy with my car and the service I received and their excellent ability to look after any problems you might have.

  34. Vince B says:

    This was my first vehicle I ever bought, seemed like a good price, went with it. Love the car, with the GPS in the dash, that also plays DVD’s, Now I can watch Seinfeld on the way to work, amazing.

  35. I recently purchased a Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto. I live approx. 2 hours east of Toronto, and have never seen a dealership quite like it. My first impression was unsure, but I have to say that the total experience was really great. All the staff were friendly and helpful and the selection was vast. I have already highly recommended Downsview Auto to several people, and will continue to do so. Great cars, great people, great experience.

  36. Tera Austin says:

    Purchasing a car is a very nerve racking procedure, and I recently purchased my very first car which amplifies that process even more. I had gone the day after a snow storm and travelled all the way from Windsor, but the sales people at Downsview Auto were amazing and willing to stand out in the freezing cold to help me with all my questions and explain my options. They made the purchasing process easy and comfortable. Based on their attitude and helpfulness alone I would recommend them to anyone, nevermind all the great addons(GPS, Tires,brakes)that they offered. I would absolutely buy my next car there.

  37. Alan Shapiro says:

    I tended to avoid used car dealerships for fear of being taken advantage of. In the case of my purchase from Downsview Auto I quite quickly came to feel that I was involved in a fair exchange. The fixed price approach played a large part in that. The condition of the cars and the low mileage on them also helped. I would buy a car from them again without hesitation. The website also helped prepare me for the purchase.

  38. Heather B says:

    I had a fantastic experience with my purchase at Downsview Auto!! I will refer anyone looking for car, especially someone looking for a safe, decent used car. I am more than happy with my 2007 Mazda3…GPS…new brakes…winter tires… a great car and price. The staff are on the ball and so friendly, fast, efficient and ready to assist you. Thanks so much for such incredible service! 🙂 🙂

  39. I appreciated the fact that the staff at Downsview Auto were able to have my 2007 Mazda3 ready for me a day early. Not only were the staff honest about my car, they addressed my concerns and rectified them immediately. Also, thanks to Stu for taking care of the last minute issues with my car and making sure that my car was safe to drive away in. Thanks to everyone for your utmost professionalism.

  40. Shidi Shang says:

    Awesome car dealer

  41. Jason says:

    I recently purchased a 2006 mazda 3 from downsview auto and I absolutely love it.
    Downsview also makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The people at downsveiw are very helpful, and friendly. I found the experience that he wasn’t up selling at all. I picked my car but it was sold very unfortunate. But there was so many people buying cars which was really a good sign but also means I would have to move fast. Then I asked for the impossible I need my car today. The eyes wide open and the glup Then came the answer Were going to Get RRR Done
    They jumped through hoops backwards and fwds and stayed past closing. But I did drive home with my need car

    I visited many car dealerships before I went to downsview auto and from my experience they are by far the best when it comes to prices, and customers service.

    Thanks guys

  42. Stacey says:

    I had a fantastic experience with Downsview Auto. I found their postings on Autotrader, visited their lot and ultimately bought a car in January 2011. I am more than happy with my Mazda. My car purchase was part of their snow tire and gps promotion and it was a great deal altogether. They were always willing to help, the process was quick, easy and painless. They took car of licensing, insurance, took my Mazda 3 to be certified, as well as checked out by a nearby Mazda dealership. I could not be happier! Very professional atmosphere and nothing but an easy car purchase.

  43. I purchased my Mazda 3 back in December and could not be happier with my purchase! I found the Downsview Auto website several months prior and would constantly check for new promotions and new vehicles for sale. Once I saw the “free winter tire” promotion I jumped right on it, I called the dealership & arranged a time to come in. Everyone at the dealership was so helpful and honest, I knew I was safe with my purchase. I signed the papers one day and two days later picked the vehicle up! At a busy time too (right after Christmas, before New Years Eve). I have referred many people to this dealership, great product, great prices, promotions and customer service. I do not have one complaint!

  44. I’ve been to many dealerships and found myself very annoyed with the lack of information and pressure to buy a car from other dealerships. Visiting Downsview Auto for the first time, I was very impress right away. Sasha helped me find the car that was right for me, also provided information that I needed to know about the car. Tanya saved me the hassle of getting my own plates and ownership ready which I appreciate very much! Stu did a great job of getting my car ready and fulfilling all my needs. What a great team. I didn’t even mention the great rates they offer, unbeatable! I would definitely recommend Downsview to my family and friends as well as become a repeated customer. Thank you very much Downsview Auto for your professionalism and honesty you’ve given me!

  45. Jodie says:

    We were very satisfied with the service at Downsview Auto. There were people readily available to help us the whole time we were there. I was impressed with the selection of Mazda 3’s and the reasonable pricing that came with them. Thanks to each person who helped us!

  46. Cindy Brooke says:

    I had been searching for a nice car in my price range for a while. My husband heard about Downsview Auto and we decided to have a look. We were very impressed with the selection of Mazda vehicles and found the prices to be extremely competitive. We knew we would definitely purchase and it was just a matter of finding the “right” car.
    No question…I found the right car at Downsview. I LOVE my Mazda. Highly recommend. Excellent customer service and a very professional frontline staff. Thank-you!

    Cindy Brooke

  47. Megan Dryden says:

    My mother just loves her Mazda 3 that she purchased at Downsview so it was the obvious place to look for my first car. I found a great Mazda (almost identical to my mom’s). I experienced the same quality, price and customer service. I was fortunate to receive the promotion of “dash installed GPS”. As this car was delivered on my birthday Aaron and the staff had a lovely gift basket and bonus extra key with my car. Totally positive experience!

  48. John Dryden says:

    This is the third car we have purchase from Downsview Auto. No real need to mention how pleased we are with the staff, quality of vehicles and customer service. My father has just asked me if I will take him to see this dealership next time he is is town. He had borrowed one of our Mazda’s and now wants to buy one of his own. Highly, highly recommend. We will be back soon for a car for our youngest daughter.

  49. Stephanie says:

    My sister bought one and then I bought one! What more can I say. I LOVE my Mazda3 and the service at Downsview Auto is out of this world. It’s hard to believe that a dealership actually takes care of you, but it’s true. There are no gimmicks, no hidden fees, no surprises. I would recommend them to anyone – in fact I have. Don’t be suspicious of the prices – this really is as good as it looks.

  50. This is one of the best dealer when buying a MAZDA since it is one of the lowest in the market, they really know how to treat every client they an excellent customer service, and they let you take your time when deciding the time of car you want and the color you want… Please if anybody is thinking of buying a Mazda go to dowsview Auto you wont regreat it… KEEP IT UP GUYS >>>>hope to see you guys soon when buying my nest MAZDA

  51. Tyrone P says:

    My Experience at Downsview Auto, was a very very good….. The Customer service, selection of cars, promotions they have, were all excellent, I would definatley recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a car…. especially a MAZDA ZOOM ZOOM.

  52. I wasn’t sure if this dealership was “for real” when I bought my mazda at Downsview Auto, it was by far the easiest, cheapest and friendliest car deal I have ever experienced. I am so happy with the customer service (including after my purchase) I received that I convinced my sister to give them a try ….and she was looking for a VW! She not only went, bought a Mazda hatchback, but also loves it as much as I love mine!!! I would recommend these guys to anyone.

  53. I purchased a 2007 mazda 3 sedan from downsview auto and i could not be happier with the vehicle! it runs almost like new! I got a great deal with the car and free snow tires!!! overall the service was good and i have no regrets. Downsview Auto is the place to purchase your mazda 3!!! Great Job a+++++

  54. Justin Wong says:

    Downsview offers the best prices in town and the staff was extremely helpful. I’m having a blast with my new Mazda 3!

  55. Downsview provided me with great services. They made purchasing a car a really easy process. Also they provide the best prices for Mazda 3. I also got new tires and the free In dash GPS was a nice bonus. Overall I’m very satisfied with their service. I would recommend Downsview to anyone who would purchase a Mazda 3.

  56. I had a fantastic experience buying my car through Downsview Auto. I drove from Brampton to Downsview to get my ca. I enjoy my Mazda 3 and all the features located in the car and would really like to thank Downsview for all their help and will for sure let anyone I know to go there. I also got new brakes and the free In dash GPS was a nice bonus.


  57. Lorena says:

    I had a good experience with buying my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto. I liked that there was no pressure and I could take all the time I wanted when deciding about my purchase. The only thing I was a little annoyed about was that when I went to pick up my car, my GPS was not in the vehicle because they had not received them yet. If you say the car is ready, at least let me know that I have to come back for that before I pick up my car as I do not live in the area. Not a huge deal, just a recommendation. Other than that no complaints!

  58. I walked into downsview and asked about the ford focus for sale on auto trader.tanya and eddie were honest and showed me a car proof form tellling us everything about the we saw the car and eddie said certified and e- test included,they also fixed some scrapes plus a console and cigar burnput this in writing,in a few days picked up the car and drove out.i am not an employee writng this ,just a guy who is worried about a bad dealership and i can tell you to buy here because they will not rip you off………………RAY

  59. Buying this car was unlike any other “used car” experience Ive ever had.
    – no high pressure sales
    – no haggling over price
    This car far far exceeds any of my expectations. They came through with everything they said they would and I love love love my little car.

  60. Jim Dzik says:

    I have my Mazda 3 for two weeks now and wow. These guys have the best prices and they live up to every word that they say. I was blown away with their knowledge of the Mazda 3. The GPS unit was just a bonus I didn’t know that they were giving them out. I will fore sure be buying another Mazda3 from these guys for SURE and anyone I know will be going there too. If you don’t buy from these guys your paying to much.
    Out of a rating of 10. I give them a perfect 10

  61. Tiffany says:

    Very good experience with Downsview Auto.
    Best prices and zero pressure!
    Could not be happier with my Mazda 3!

  62. Josip says:

    I had a good overall experience with buying my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto. I was little bit skeptic and unsure of the dealership (cars they sell) because not only that they have the best price in town but on top of that they are giving a free GPS and TV as a bonus. I was unrealistic for me but I was wrong. The car I bought is amazing. I love it. It runs and feels like brand new!
    One thing that I was not pleased about is that i had to go there few times. They fixed a few scratches on the bumpers although the job was done sloppy(it can happen to anyone) BUT they took the car back and did an amazing job and I drove off the next day. Great customer service!

  63. Lesley says:

    Downsview Auto by far has the best prices for Mazda3. Taking a trip to their showroom was a great experience as they carry a large variety of cars with various options. The process of purchasing the car was quick, efficient, and straight forward. Although many dealership no longer offer additional services such as shuttles, gas fill up, ect; it would have been nice as an option to make purchasing a new vehicle a little easier.

  64. Aimee F. says:

    I’ll say the same thing as others:
    Great experience.

    Buying a car on your own could be a daunting experience, but not with Downsview. I felt comfortable purchasing my Mazda 3. Good price, honest conversations and an all around easy experience.

  65. Vlad says:

    I purchased my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto recently, I would recommend anybody that is looking for a used Mazda to visit the dealership. Reasonable prices and a large inventory to choose from.

  66. Darrin Clark says:

    My wife and I really enjoyed working with the staff at Downsview Auto. We had been looking for a car for while, and had visited a few dealerships, and yes, the pressure was there from the sales reps, to make a purchase. At Downsview we had none of that… almost to the point where if we did not buy, it was alright?..

    To me, it showed they had confidence in who they were, and in their product. They did not appear to be desperate. As a result, I felt confident in the product I was about to buy.

    When it came to picking up my car however, I was left waiting. From my experience with them, I think that the service between purchase and hand-over to the customer could be improved a bit. If you’re buying a car from them, and keeping your old plates, then you may find yourself out of transport for a bit longer than expected. Not a big issue, you just need to know about it before hand.

    Would I recommend Downsview Auto? YES!
    Will I? YES!
    Do I enjoy my Mazda 3? Absolutely!..

  67. Tana says:

    I had a really good experience with downsview auto! They made my car purchasing experience very easy!!! i LOVE my mazda!! with all the options they had for me to choose from i got the exact one i wanted and for an amazing price at that!!! i recommend downsview auto to anyone looking to purchasse a car!!!

  68. Sid says:

    I’m very satisfied with my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto, and would highly recommend it. The staff was very friendly, and there is a price range for almost everyone looking for a used Mazda. Thanks!

  69. Nick Senior says:

    Just bought a gorgeous burgundy Mazda 3 for a price that could not be matched anywhere else. We were determined to buy a manual and Downsview were the only company in the GTA where we actually had a choice of car. The Downsview team were all exceptionally professional and once we bought the car, we knew we had made the right decision.

  70. Kirsten says:

    Downsview Auto representatives provided me with a very warm welcome an excellent customer service. In their facilities I felt less like a customer and more like a friend because they were sure to explain everything in detail with no hidden fees or catches. Not only is the car i purchased in great shape but it also had great kms, great price, the extra gps(which is super fun!) and the choice of another gift. Personally I feel I could not have gone anywhere better and Downsview was definetely worth the trip from Waterloo!!!

    Thanks Everyone for a great experience!:)

  71. Dennis says:

    My wife and I bought our first mazda 3 are we couldn’t be happier with the service we recieved at Downsview Auto. Thier selection of Mazda’s is just insane and the deals are even crazier. If y0u are looking to buy a Mazda 3 don’t look any further than Downview Auto.

  72. I was really impressed with Downsview Auto. I perchased my first car through them and from what I experienced I would’ve done it all over again, no question about that. Customer service was great. I felt well taken care off by the staff and appreciated everything they did for me from start to finish. I would recommend Downsview Auto to anyone and if i ever have to buy another used car again, they would be the first people I’d consider 🙂

  73. Devon says:

    Downsview Auto has competitive prices and friendly and accommodating staff. They made the experience of buying my first car as low stress as possible and I am very happy with my vehicle purchase. Gotta love the after market GPS they installed too, a great bonus 🙂

  74. The minute I walked into Downsview dealership the staff greeted me with a smile and there were very welcoming. It was a long drive as I came all the way from Oshawa and I had a couple of places that I have on my list as to where to shop for a Mazda3. I sure was lucky to have gone to this place first! WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!! everything that they promote on the website is what you’ll actually get. NO HASSLES NO LEMONS!! The guy who walked me through was very helpful, he made it really easy for me to choose the car that I want and he is very knowledgeable about the products. There are certainly no other places that I can compare to DOWNSVIEW AUTO as it will surely blow your mind with their great offers and excellent customer service!!

  75. Mike C says:

    I just recently purchased my Mazda 3 GT, from Downsview Auto. It is everything that I was looking for and then some! The in dash GPS is amazing, and the car drives beautifully. The salesman, Sasha, was very honest and knoledgeable. He answered anything and everything that I asked him very truthfully. I highly recomend Downsview Auto to anyone in the market for a used car. You won’t find a better deal anywhere in Toronto; believe me, I tried!

  76. Very pleased with our recently purchase. Love our Mazda 3. Excellant service.

  77. Jen says:

    I had a great experience with Downsview Auto. The prices and offers are unbeatable. The transaction from start to finish was easy and hassle free and all sales staff were honest. I couldn’t be happier with my car or the experience.

  78. We recently purchased a Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto… and so far so good! The car is GREAT and the service was Great! We would recommend!!!

  79. We recently purchased a Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto. We have been very happy with the car and with the service we received. We would recommend!!!

  80. Lori Pink says:

    The team at Downsview Auto are supberb!! They are straightforward, honest, and guide you through you purchase with ease. I have received tons of “I love your new car” from people and am constantly telling everyone where I purchased my Mazda 3 from. Hats off to a great team!!! 🙂

  81. Camille R says:

    We had an amazing experience at Downsview Auto. The staff was genuinely helpful and patient. The vehicle we purchased was in great shape with very low mileage and a great price. So Thank you Downsview Auto.

  82. I was originally told about Downsview Auto by a friend where I work. I thought I would take a chance and travel almost 3 hours to see what they had. I was impressed by the quantity of available vehicles that were there. The service was friendly, honest and fast.
    I am going to recommend this car lot to all my friends as I am very happy with my purchase.

  83. I had a fuel hungry truck that I was commuting to work with for 2 hours a day so was planning to get a more fuel efficient vehicle. I had always noticed Mazda 3’s on the road and thought they looked pretty cool so thought I’d take one for a test drive and did at another dealership. That night as I was looking up Mazda 3’s on the internet, I came across the Downsview Auto site. The prices were a bit better than the other dealership that I had gone to AND… Downsview included the following brand new in every vehicle:Free set of rims or TV, new set of brakes, and the GPS/TV/MP3 Player unit. I was sold with all these “extras” and went down there the very next day. Got myself a beautiful 2007 Mazda 3 GT fully loaded with leather and sunroof and beautiful white “sparkly” paint. So far, so good – the car is handling like a dream and is quite spirited…! I am laughing my way to the gas pump now… 😉

  84. Ash and Ray says:

    We are very pleased with our recent purchase from Downsview Auto. With a large selection of vehicles and extras thrown in (FREE in-dash GPS/rims), we were able to find the car that we were looking for and at a very competitive price! The service was also fantastic! For those looking to buy a used Mazda 3, we would highly recommend Downsview Auto.

  85. Darcy says:

    I purchased my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto and I am extremely happy. The sales staff are friendly and helpful. I couldn’t beleive the value that you get for your money. I have recommended Downsview to all of my friends. I can’t say enough about this dealership. If you want a Mazda, buy one from Downsview Auto.

  86. Zack says:

    Picked up my Mazda 3 today. I love this car and the dealership was awesome. No pushy salespeople, very patient staff and exceptional service. I have already recommended this dealership to a few friends. The rims I chose look excellent and the GPS system will come in handy.

  87. I was looking for a vehicle on line and found website. I was impressed by the selection and made an hour trip to Toronto to check them out. I was very impressed by what i found. They did everything what they said they were going to do. I highly recomend them. Thankyou Sash and your team.

  88. Steve says:

    Very satisfied with my Mazda 3, the service was exceptional and everything was done to the car that was promised. The added bonus of the gps and set of rims was an awesome deal, and i could not find prices any lower than at Downsview Auto. Would recommend to anyone looking for a Mazda 3.

  89. ZBogevski says:

    I love my Mazda 3 hatchback.Very satisfied from your customer service and also your excellent deal.I would highly recommend to someone who is looking for Mazda.Thanks!

  90. Jim Curia says:

    Jim C.
    After finding you on the web my wife and I visited you one Saturday morning. We found a car that suited our needs and price and was allowed to view it at our leisure,start the car and check everything out. We were shown the vehicle history and decided to purchase the vehicle. We identified a few cosmetic and mechanical issues that we had and they were action-ed on no questions asked. The vehicle was certified and for a nominal charge sent to a local Mazda dealership to to a final inspection at my request. The tires on the vehicle were winters in good shape so Stu was able to fit the new free alloys with summers at a reasonable agreed upon price and give us the steel winters when we picked up the car one week later.
    After a short test drive my wife fell in love with her “new” Mazda 3 and has been driving it ever since.
    Would definitely recommend Downsview in future.
    Love my Mazda. Zoom Zoom.

  91. Kristin says:

    My husband and I were looking for a Mazda 3 hatchback and found Downsview Auto online. We were amazed to see their prices and thought it was necessary to go and check it out. We lucked out that they were coming up to one of their major sales, which seemed too good to be true.
    When we went back to check out their sales, we found an amazing deal and thus we found our new car.
    The people at Downsview Auto were more than happy to answer all of our questions and spend the time going over details.
    They are thorough and happy to assist in any way possible.

    All in all a great experience and well recommended.

    Love the car!!

  92. JAG says:

    I purchased my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto recently, I strongly recommend anybody that is looking for a used car to visit the dealership.

  93. Emily says:

    I bought my first Mazda3 from Downsview three years ago when I urgently needed a reliable car at a great price and had no complaints whatsoever. I recently purchased my second Mazda3 from Downsview – although this time with all the luxury features I couldn’t afford the first time around! As a repeat buyer, I can honestly say I’m extremely satisfied with the service and quality of cars available. There is always someone on hand – without pressure to purchase a vehicle, willing to go above and beyond any other dealership I know. Aside from the best prices in town, the staff really do care about customer satisfaction and it shows with the amount of cars that they do sell. I would not hesitate to recommend Downsview to friends/family and who knows…. maybe a few years from now I’ll be upgrading again!

  94. Alex says:

    I was very headstrong on buying a brand new car, My parents forced me to go out to downsview auto and just check it out, once I got there I feel in love with there cars, they were all in amazing shape with unbeatable prices. Ther service I received there was better than any of the new dealerships I had been too. Very knowledgeable salesmen. I have already recommended Downsview auto to a bunch of people. Car is absolutly amazing, best car I have ever owned!!!

  95. Jenelle says:

    Downsview auto is great! The selection was great and the staff are really nice and helpful. I went in and the next day I had my new car! Im very happy I went to Downsview auto. I have recommened Downsview auto to a few co-workers. The cars are in great condition, free GPS, new tires, & breaks! Definitley the first place anybody should check out when looking for a car. Im in love with my Mazda 3!!!!

    Thanks Downsview Auto!!!

  96. Linda D says:

    I wish when buying a car it would be as great as working with these folks.
    Last year we did meet the team at Downsview Auto when my son wanted to purchase a car. The experience was wonderful. It was my turn to purchase a car and we came back to Dowsview Auto. Again, the service was consistent. They are easy to work with almost painless. I wish all car dealerships would have the same approach.

    I will be back again to buy my next vehicle.

    Keep up the great work.


  97. jade papke says:

    Dealing with Downsview Auto was a pleasure! The selection was incredible and the sales reps were always so kind and helpful! I appreciated the condition i received my mazda in, and am loving every second I spend driving my new wheels! the only suggestion i would offer for improvement was that more details on each individual vehicle was posted on the website so i could compare all aspects of them online rather than having to actually drive out to the showroom.

    overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend to everyone to go there if they are interested in a mazda!


  98. Diana Wing says:

    I have recently bought a Mazda3 from this dealership..the car had a few issues when it was bought, but as they promised, they were all fixed at their expense. Great pricing on cars, good selection and overall fairly good experience.

  99. anthony sgro says:

    Downsview auto is a great place to shop if your looking for a mazda 3, they are very helpful and know how to treat customers. I am very glad I came across the website 😀

  100. Stephen S says:

    So far everything has been positive. Sales guy wasn’t pushy and the cars where priced very competatively. All in all, no complaints.

  101. Paul Hicks says:

    I’d just like to comment on my experience with Downsview Auto. I had been looking around for a Mazda 3 hatchback for the past few months and the majority of ads kept leading me back to Downsview Auto. I did a little research and liked what I seen so I decided to drop in and see what they had to offer. Having looked at other dealers and private sales, each one had something about it that I didn’t want in my car, or options that I wanted and didn’t have. Walking into Downsview I was like a kid in a candy store, every style, evey option, every color and all with decent mileage. My perfect 3 was a Pearl White Hatchback, fully loaded, without leather, sunroof, and low mileage, they had 3 of them to pick from! I found the perfect one and began the process. I’ve avoided buying used vehicles from dealers because of prices being too high, feeling pushed into something I didn’t want, or bad past experience. The staff was helpful when I wanted it, know the 3’s inside out, and are a great pleasure to deal with. All my questions and worries were laid to rest and all the additional information I didn’t think to ask, was presented on paper long before we began the purchase process. Overall, I would like to encourage anyone looking for a Mazda 3 to check out Downsview Auto. I am confident that it will be your first and last stop in shopping for one. I do realize this may sound like I am receiving some sort of perk for writing such a good review but I am not, my experience was that pleasurable that I feel the need to encourange others to check them out.
    Also, my sister is currently looking for a 3 as well and after my experience, she too will be buying a 3 from Downsview. Thank you for the perfect shopping experience.

  102. Jamie Yaretz says:

    Donwsview auto; was my first dealer ship, were I had bought a car and just pick up my new baby a 2007 Mazda 3 for a very fair price. Not only that but the in dash system i got with my car omg, two big thumbs up for Downsview i can guarantee you will drive away with a smile.

  103. SHAUNA W says:

    I thought the service was great. I absolutely LOVE my car! They were honest and helpful. I would recommend this dealership to family and friends.

  104. John Willems says:

    Downsview Auto is by far the best place to get late model Mazda 3’s. Their prices and service ar by far the best around. So good in fact that i have just purchased my SECOND mazda 3 from them and the expeirience was just as great. They were extreamly helpfull, showed me the complete car fax of the cars i was interested in and never pressured me at all. I would recomed this dealer to anyone looking for a great deal!

  105. Brandon says:

    After weeks of research and talking to many owners of various makes of cars, nobody was more satisfied than the Mazda 3 owners(of the 4 makes I was searching for). I began my search for the best deal for a Mazda 3 on the market and within a day I stumbled upon some listings from Downsview Auto. The first two listings I was looking in to were sold before I got the chance to call! This is because they have the best deals on Mazda 3s around! (and I searched all Ontario and Quebec) My red Mazda runs like new AND I picked it up for a stellar price:). I will be recommending this dealership to all of my friends looking for cars in the up coming years. When I need my next car, I will come back. This is a great dealership with excellent service and care, I would strongly recommend to anyone searching for a Mazda 3.

  106. Bruce says:

    i just purchased my mazda3 with downsview auto and i am quite happy about it. They handle everything i needed. I deffinately have no complaints. Thank you so much!

  107. frenchie1028 says:

    Hi DA team,

    I recently purchased my Mazda 3 from DA and, I am totally in love with her. I must send out a big “THANK YOU” to Sasha, Tanya, Edy and Stu. You guys were simply awesome.
    I would (and have) recommend you to anyone looking to purchase.

    Again, thank you.

  108. Bryan Szwarz says:

    My experience with Downsview was extremely positive. The sales staff were very helpful, knowledgeable, and did not pressure me into purchasing at any time. The management was also very helpful in dealing with minor issues regarding my vehicle and ensuring that my experience was as good as it could be. I will definitely recommended Downsview Auto to friends looking for a Mazda 3.

  109. Mazdagirl says:

    This is the second car I’m buying at Downsview Auto, and I think that pretty much confirms my satisfaction with the place. I am in love with my new Mazda and this is the best price I found on the market! The staff was so helpful and patient, a big thank you to Edy for everything. I have already recommended Downsview Auto to a few of my friends and I know they won’t be disappointed.Thank you very much DA!

  110. Leo F. says:

    I’ve got two words for anybody thinking about buying from Downsview Auto:
    “THE BEST”
    Also the prices and conditioning of these Mazda’s are Second to None compared to everyone else in the industry!!!
    Uncle Leo

  111. Kelsi McKay says:

    My experience with downsview auto was a very positive one. The staff there are extremely friendly and helpful when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. I would definitely recommend downsview auto to others and I an throughly enjoying my new mazda3!

  112. My brother bought a mazda3 a few months ago and was so impressed with it that he convinced me to buy my new car from them as well. The service was excellent and the car is perfect, I don’t think i wouldve been able to get the same quality car for the same low price anywhere else.

  113. Kayla Pardy says:

    We just purchase our Mazda 3 from DownsView Auto and we love it!, Tanya was amazing helped us find our car, we probably visited the dealership 10 times before we finally made up our minds, so many amazing cars it’s hard to choose! The prices were amazing for the quality of car! we love our car and are very in love with our touchscreen gps system! it works amazing and has a great picture quality when watching movies. Stu was awesome waited for us to pick up our car, even though we were really late (sorry stu)! I would recommend this dealership to EVERYONE looking for a car!

  114. Leanne Golan says:

    I did a lot of research before buying my car at Downsview Auto, so I knew I was getting a fantastic deal but I was amazed at the level of customer service I received. Thanks Edy, Tanya, Sasha & Stu for making it such a great experience for me ~ I love my Mazda!!

  115. Tanya says:

    What a selection!!! My husband and I had a wonderful experience…comparing the service to all other dealerships in the past 3 months of searching for the perfect vehicle. They were knowledgeable and eager to assist in any way possible, answering all of our questions and alleviating any insecurities. Thanks Sacha and Stu and all of the other staff…keep up the good work!

  116. Mark says:

    I bought my Mazda 3 recently in Downsview Auto. It is my first car in Toronto. The overall experience is good.

  117. Adam says:

    Downsview auto has the best selection of Mazda 3’s around. Combine this with the patient, helpful, and friendly staff and what do you get, an exceptional customer experience. I recently purchased a 2007 Mazda 3 from Downsview auto, the car had a few issues, but, as promised they were reconciled by Downsview auto. I have recommended Downsview Auto to a few friends of mine and will continue to recommend this dealership.
    Thanks again to the Crew at Downsview!!!

  118. Heidi says:

    I could not be happier with my awesome new Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto! It is perfect, in a really cool shade of blue, and absolutely fantastic in every way. Everyone was extremely helpful and patient and I love that they don’t use pushy sales tactics. I will happily recommend Downsview Auto to anyone I know interested in buying a car and will be back myself in a few months to get a spoiler for my car!!

  119. Saira says:

    I would highly recommend Downsview Auto to others looking to purchase a Mazda. The staff was very helpful and now I am driving a vehicle I really love. This is my first car and I’m very content with it
    Thanks Downsview Auto!

  120. Florentino says:

    As a first time car buyer I am very pleased with my purchase. Foremost in the service was the amount of help and speed in getting the vehicle ready for pick up. Not to mention the friendliness of the staff. I would definitely recommend Downsview Auto to other friends looking for a car.

  121. LISETTE AMOR says:

    I would highly recommend Downsview Auto to others looking to purchase a Mazda. The staff was very helpful AND VERY NICE : TANYA, EDY, STU AND THE GENTLEMAN WHO EXPLAIN ME THE GPS AND EVERYTHING IN THE CAR.

  122. Vince says:

    Great service, simple and direct…Sasha and Stu were great to deal with. Made buying my daughters first car an easy pleasure.

  123. Jill says:

    I had a great experience at Downsview Auto. I was very apprehensive buying a used car since I was badly burned before. There was no sales pressure. They let me look and answered all my questions. The car was extremely clean and they delivered on everything they promised. The pricing was excellent. My friend bought a Mazda one year older and had 100K more km’s on it than mine for almost the same price! I would definitely buy another car from them and would recommend them to a friend.

  124. R Thain says:

    We are very satisfied with the Mazda 3 we purchased. The service was fast and efficient. The price is hard to beat. We drove from Ottawa for that deal. Thanks tanya and Eddy!

  125. JoAnne Byrne says:

    Downsview Auto is the place to go! I knew I wanted a Mazda 3, but prices were extremely high where I’m from (Sudbury, ON). I found their website from kijiji, checked them out and realized how much cheaper their cars are. There is about a 6000$ price difference from their dealership to the ones up north. I contacted them and told them I was coming from Sudbury via Greyhound and my ride back was going to be the car I was going to purchase from them. They were very accommodating, I got there, looked at some cars I was interested in, chose a vehicle, they send it off right away to get certified. In the meantime, I was able to chill in the showroom while I waited, and before I knew it my car was back. They even installed a new in dash multimedia/navigation system and gave me 4 new winter tires! The car feels like new and I’m very satisfied with my experience. I will definitely be sending people there, and I know who I’m going to see for my next car! Thanks for the great service! 🙂

  126. Chris says:

    I have bought 2 cars from here now, both great deals and run well, and came with winter tires, bonus! customer service is great and a staff that lets you be comfortable during the car buying process. all round a good experience. in the words of Arnie… I’ll be back!


  127. Vir says:

    It was great to buy a car from Downsview Auto. There was no sales pressure at all. They let you inspect, try and answer all your questions. The cars are in good condition and are priced better than any other place in the area. Make sure to record all little things need to be fixed on paper before sale. They will still fix any thing genuine like my driver door lock with in first month of purchase. Or you can opt for 3 year warranty for 399. It is my second mazda3 from there in 2 years. ZOOM ZOOM. Present promotion of free GPs system and winter tires is a plus.

  128. J Nichols says:

    My husband and I recently bought a Mazda 5 from Downsview Auto. While we are ecstatic with our new car, the great condition it is in, and the low price. We were also impressed with the level of customer service and professionalism we received. All the staff at Downsview Auto really make the car buying process effortless for the customer. We would definitely by from them again, and recommend them to all of our family and friends!

  129. Mike B says:

    I walked out of Downsview Auto with a HUGE smile on my face that has not left yet. I purchased a 2008 Mazda3 GT, and was extremely happy with my purchase. The condition of the car and it’s price were just fantastic. And their customer service is by far the best I’ve experienced from a car dealership. They were very kind and helpful to any questions I had. And most importantly, I didn’t feel pressured at all to make a purchase. Overall, this was a GREAT experience. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be purchasing my next vehicle from Downsview Auto, and have already recommended them to each and every one of my friends and family. Thanks everyone at Downsview Auto! 🙂

  130. I was very satisfied with both the people at Downsview and the car itself. They explained every thing I asked about the car with great detail, Car-Proof, accidents etc. and I went away feeling confident that I could trust them. When I picked up the car, the few things that I wanted fixed, were. I was explained every thing about the new GPS unit, and they even downloaded my cell phone on it for me. The price was great, and overall a pleasent buying experience, plus I have new winter tires to boot.

  131. Toofan says:

    Best place to buy Mazda’s in GTA or most likely in Ontario.

  132. Vikki says:

    Just wanted to say Thank You ! for all your help during the purchase of my Mazda from Downsview Auto. I found the perfect car at the perfect price for me ! I felt as though everyone was honest and fair and made sure I was happy when I left. Downsview Auto offered me the best deal I believe I could find!

  133. Jeff B says:

    Took a lot of the pressure out of buying a used car. There was no hiding facts or messing around playing number games. Simply put it was the most stress free car purchase I’ve experienced.

  134. I would highly recommend Downsview Auto to buy a used a car. They are honest, the price is just right and the best part is there promotion when you buy a Mazda you get the GPS and a toshiba laptop can’t go wrong with that! It was a stress free purchase and the staff is friendly. My mother will certainly enjoy her Mazda 3. Thank you! 😉

  135. Ankit says:

    Just bought my very first Mazda 3 and the experience has been pleasant. Since I dont stay in the GTA, i only checked the cars on the website and liked the car the moment I saw it. Everyone @ downsview was very co-operative and helped sort out all the paperwork over the phone! My car is great and I would recommend Downsview for anyone looking to get their next or first mazda 3! Kepp it going Downsview Auto!!

  136. Oric says:

    What a perfect car shopping experience. The sheer number of Mazda 3’s in stock made it possible for me to travel from Hamilton, find the PERFECT one for my needs, and purchase it all in one trip. The staff is courteous, professional, and efficient, and there was nothing “hidden” I will be buying here again!

  137. Dealing with Downsview Auto was owesome. They were very polite and patient always answering all my questions. I got a great deal on my car and love it and would highly recomemend Downsview Auto to anyone that is looking to buy a Mazda. I’m know i’ll be back in the future for my next car. Thanks Downsview Auto!!!

  138. sarahrea says:

    Great experience! Lowest price I could find and the staff was very helpful. Thanks!

  139. Recently bought my Mazda 3 Hatch.. they were very accommodating with all my requests. Any issues or concerns I had were quickly looked after. There was a slight delay in receiving the GPS but aside from that it was a great experience and I am very happy with my car and the service received.

  140. I had a great experience with Downsview Auto. I’ve never bought a car before so I was happy when the staff took the time to explain how the process works without putting any pressure on me. I am so happy with my new car and can’t believe the price I paid! This place has the best deals on cars with low kms.

  141. Jeff M says:

    Downsview is the place to buy a Mazda3. But only if you want a hassle free, no pressure experience.
    I decided on a great 2008 on Saturday and they made sure it was ready for pick-up on Monday. The service was great, everything was done to ensure a painless experience.
    Overall I would highly recommend this Downsview as the dealership from which to buy a Mazda3

  142. The overall experience at Downsview Auto was a positive one. The sales rep was extremely knowledgeable, answered all my inquiries in a professional manner and was honest. When I picked up the vehicle a few days later, everything promised was in place and no followup was necessary. I had absolutely no pressure and I would definitely recommend Downsview Auto to family and friends who are interested in a new vehicle. Keep up the great work and thank you for the pleasant experience…

  143. Evan Litvak says:

    When I went looking for Mazda 3 every dealership I encountered had a fast talking high pressure salesman trying to sell me a rusty car out of warranty I would try to walk away and they would lower the price, insulting me by telling me how much it was really worth. When I found Downsview Auto I was confused at first because nobody tried to sell me a car. Their stock sold itself. Their firm prices backed by the longest powertrain warranty in the used car business sealed the deal. They let me take my car to my own mechanic and it was returned it to me with a congratulations, I bought a winner for my first ever car.

  144. I had a great experience with Downsview Auto. There are no pushy salesmen- they let you take your time and really look into your car. When we bought the car, they installed the free GPS display which was a great bonus, and answered any questions about it. I love my new Mazda3! Thanks Downsview Auto.!

  145. My overall experience was a good one! I am really enjoying my new Mazda and would definitely recommend Downview Auto.

  146. I came across Downsview Auto on kijiji. At first I was skeptical about their 8 year warranty and GPS bonus. So, my wife and I decided to check them out. After so many bad experiences at several dealerships, I was left confused by their hassle free sales experience. This Edi guy just smooth-talked and seemed nonchalant whether I bought a car there or not. That’s what got me SOLD – the no pressure sales tactic. I’m waiting for my appointment to get the navigation unit installed and then I will call it a pleasant experience. Thanks to you guys!

  147. pringlejason says:

    I would never read or ever go as far as write on these comment pages. Thats how strongly I would recommend Downview Auto. First off its doesnt take long on the internet to see they have the biggest fleet of pre owned Mazda 3s in the GTA. They have a display board in the show room with around 80 M3s displayed like baseball cards. Came in on the saturday chose my three favorite cards, walked out to the hill where they’re all on display. Kicked a few tires, played a few rounds of top trumps with myself and was driving home by tuesday in my almost new safe/emission clean cheap mazda. Reassured, that i looked at enough motors to make an informed decision, it just happened to be a Mazda.

  148. Dan Ferguson says:

    I recently bought a 2007 Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto, and found the staff pleasant and accomodating.I was pleased with the price and the condition. A few minor requests by me, and they did all they could in good time to please me as a customer. Good experience for sure and worth another trip when its time to buy again. Thanks!

  149. P says:

    I just recently received a Blue Mazda3 06′ last month for a birthday gift and its great, the car runs like how a brand new car should run! The service from the staff working at Downsview Auto was good.

    Great customer service and I recommend Downsview Auto to everyone looking for a great car!

  150. Sukhi Shoker says:

    I had very good experience with Downsview Auto. I bought this Mazda 3 2008 very reasonable Price and car condition is like new very clean and I m very happy with it…

  151. Cori and Frank says:

    I would recommend Downsview Auto to anyone. Not only are the prices great but the customer service is excellent. They will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new vehicle. Thanks Downsview Auto for everything.

  152. Jhon Barrios says:

    It was a really good experience buying my mazda 3 at downsview auto. All people were very nice and they provided a high quality service. I strongly recommend anyone who want a mazda 3 to come to downsview auto

  153. wannisa nilprasert says:

    i just brought Mazda 3 2006 from here, it fun fantastic. It very good price dealer.
    Very good customer service. Thank you very much!

  154. Matt Restoule says:

    Good experience. Nice cars, good prices.
    I would go back again!

  155. Sherri Leah says:

    Downsview Auto, they have a great selection of Mazda cars. They have great pricing on cars and good deals on all season tires. They’re service was great, they had my car ready in a week, e-test and certified, they got the plates switched over for me and everything. I would definitely recommend downsview auto when looking for a Mazda. I must mention, the car I purchased had very low mileage, no rust, the car was in over all great condition for a 2006 Mazda 3!! Thanks Downsview Auto!!

  156. Larry hao says:

    I have bought a Mazda 3I recently from Downsview Auto and was really amazed to see the car I bought: after the detailing(I was offered free of charge) it totally exceeded my expectation. Downsview auto has good selection of cars, good service, very friendly and hornest sales person, good price and values. If you are buying a Mazda, this is the place to go.

  157. Jose Sandoval says:

    We bought our first car at this dealership. The service was excellent, no pressure whatsoever. My wife and I are very happy we got an amazing deal, we will definately be recommending our friends!

  158. Jose Sandoval says:

    My wife and I bought our first car here. We had great service and did not feel pressured at all like at other dealers we went to. We are very happy we got an amazing deal and we will definately be recommending our friends!

  159. Jose Sandoval says:

    my wife and I bought our first car here. We got a great service where we felt no pressure whatsoever. We are extremely happy with our new mazda and the amazing deal we got. I am definately going to be recommending my friends!

  160. Anna Placenza says:

    Just purchased a vehicle at Downsview Auto had a great experience great friendly staff got my car and felt like it was a brand new car would definitely recommend people to go check them out A+ on my books

  161. Ashish Sharma says:

    We just bought a Mazda 3, 2007 model. Was my first day at work!! Amazing car so far! Silent engine and runs as if sliding on air! Thanks Eran to pick this car for us! You are a good person, and really appreciate all your help in the selection 😊

  162. olcay aydogdu says:

    I just bought my car and couldn’t be happier, the staff is very helpful and patient. Will definitely recommend to a friend!

  163. henry says:

    I had a great experience with downsview auto. The car that sold to me was very informative, answer every question we had and the was in good…

  164. Very happy with car bought, dealers were very helpfull and patient.

  165. Found a great range of cars to choose from and expert help to make the selection. Very happy with the service.

  166. Himanshu Pant says:

    Extremely satisfied with the knowledge and customer focus of the staff at Downsview Auto..
    They patiently answer all your queries and never try to force sell you anything.
    I would strongly recommend Downsview Auto. Not only are the prices great but the customer service is excellent.

  167. Todd Anderson says:

    Found a fantastic Mazda3 with only 29k on it. YES 29K! The staff was fantastic and easy to work with. Hey parents, this is the place to go for you kids car for school. The prices are right!!

  168. Jade Grimmer says:

    Second time I’ve bought a car from downsview and have had great experience both times. The staff are helpful and friendly. Eran the owner was great he was able to get my car ready in less then a week. I recommend anyone to buy from here.

  169. Joanne Guevara says:

    The staff at Downsview was incredible and you can not beat the deal I got at the clearance sale!! So happy!

  170. Thomas Sluga says:

    I just bought my car and couldn’t be happier, the staff is very helpful and patient. Will definitely recommend to a friend.

  171. Roberto Molina says:

    excellent service, you guy’s delivered what you promise, two thumbs up .

  172. Micheline Plante says:

    Just picked up a Mazda 3 2007 for our daughter for school. She is so excited. We had a great experience and the service was really good. The people are friendly and helpful. We have already referred Downsview Auto to a few of our friends. Thank you!

  173. Natasha says:

    I purchased my Mazda 3 from Downsview Auto today. The customer service experience was awesome! I will recommend them to everyone and anyone. Detailed explanation and vehicle maintenance advice. Downsview Auto cares about their customers unlike any other dealerships. No hidden fees; no run around. Whether it’s your first purchase or one of many, Downsview Auto makes you feel special! New and used vehicles with a full purchase or finance, Downsview Auto makes the perfect match of the driver and vehicle. Test drive one today!!

  174. Francesca Coulston says:

    I just purchased a Mazda 3 . The experience was amazing. People here care for their customer. Very Helpful, friendly, informative , accommodating and made the purchase stress free. I would recommend my friends and their kids to come to purchase their car here. Price is good for young kids who need a car to get to school and work. Keep up this service – you made our experience unforgettable – we felt as if we were home.

  175. Dawnell Humphrey says:

    We just picked up our Mazda 3 and the ride home was absolutely amazing. The team at Downsview Auto are very friendly and know how to listen to the customer, showing you what you are looking for and not what they want to sell you! All this on top of a great price with no hidden fees for a vehicle that is certified and ready to drive within a weeks time…couldn’t get any better. Thank you for helping us add a reliable second vehicle to our family.

  176. Cal Matteliano says:

    Just picked up my car. 2008 Mazda 3 Hatchback. Excellent experience. Excellent service. No pushy sales staff. Very helpful and accommodating. The car was delivered in perfect condition. It was a pleasure doing business. I will definitely be coming back for my next car. Thanks, Cal.

  177. Ronard Asante says:

    Great customer service, great car and at affordable prices, perfect place to go for a car if interested in Mazda 3s.

  178. Minnie Sung says:

    Sometimes the only way you can really judge a place is by having experiences at others. I’m extremely thorough.. did my homework before shopping and knew exactly what brand, mileage, condition and budget I wanted to work with. Had I gone straight to this place, I would have owned my car two weeks earlier and avoided the typical salesman attitude and dishonesty. I don’t like putting a place down while praising another but because it had a direct impact on my decision to purchase and will hopefully benefit anyone who’s looking to buy a car, I’ll share it. While reviewing the price of a car that I wanted at “Mazda of Toronto”, the salesperson brought over a manager, who for one, didn’t bother to introduce himself, and simply looked at me and said verbatim, ‘You have other places you want to check out right? Go ahead, you won’t find any better for this price’. Needless to say, the conversation only went downhill from there but it made me appreciate Downsview Auto that much more. I bought the exact same car aside from the color and it ended up being $500.00 cheaper – not to mention the additional services they provided. As for their customer service, you won’t be disappointed – ask to be shown around by Vince and have Eran review everything with you. They are so busy but make it a point to be pleasant and be of assistance. Simply put, they respect their customers. I think I’m on a roll here so adding some food for thought for those still reading: (a) this dealership has a niche market – they specialize in Mazda 3s and therefore have a larger inventory than anyone else (b) they have such a high turnover that they don’t have time to put an unfair markup on the price and waste time negotiating (c) no false promises made – I’ve gotten everything I’ve been told I was getting and then some. If anything, they over-delivered. I’m very happy to say the least and probably took over 20 of Eran’s business cards to share it with anyone I know looking to buy. Thanks again!

  179. Sean says:

    Nothing but positivity. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, car was great and prices were unbeatable! Would recommend this to anyone.

  180. Adi lagumbay says:

    Just bought my mazda3 here at downsview auto. I totally recommend used car buyers to visit downsview auto. Top of the line costumer service.

  181. Khaled Kannout says:

    It was a wonderful opportunity to meet that professional staff at Down View Auto and buy a car for my son. Very talent people who know the client needs and to present the best offer and service.
    Thank you guys!

  182. Darin says:

    We had a great experience with downsview auto. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a Mazda. Great prices and they offer amazing packages for our vehicle. We purchased premium package and couldn’t be happier. Had a few issues with car and they took care of it right away no questions asked. Great after care service and sales with no hassles or pressure. Friendly courteous service sales and staff. If your looking for a Mazda that’s the place to go.

  183. Roger says:

    We bought two cars from Downsview Auto in a span of three weeks . The first experience was so good, it made no sense to shop around. We basically went right back for the second one without looking elsewhere. Quite frankly, this was some of the best customer service I’ve ever experiences (in any industry). I’ve already recommended them and will continue to do so. In fact, I plan to buy another vehicle from them in the future. They got it right in many ways. They have a great program to provide piece of mind, they provide options you may not expect when purchasing a used vehicle (option upgrades, warranties and tune up package) and they delivered more than they promised. Well Done!

  184. Abdool Azeez says:

    I will recommend this place to anyone who is shopping for a used car. no hassle, no pressure, no catches. The cars sell themselves with amazing prices and good mileage . and if you have any issues they are prompt with service as promised. Keep up the good work I already told a bunch of my friends since they saw me showing off with my new Mazda lol !!!

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