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  1. Dan says:

    Why are the prices at Downsview so low? and why do you have so many mazda 3s?

  2. ihaveamazda says:

    We are a volume based business our focus and goal is VOLUME, with low prices, a large selection and new promotions frequently offered. Downsview by far offers you the most for your money. We specialize in Mazda 3’s and that’s all we carry. For someone that has no interest in a Mazda, Downsview is not the place to visit but for someone that’s looking for a Mazda 3 – Downsview Auto is Mazda heaven!!!

  3. Ali says:

    Why don’t you allow any test drives?

  4. ihaveamazda says:

    At the moment Downsview Auto does not permit any test drives due to the fact that our vehicles at the present time are not certified and are not road worthy. The price of the vehicle does include a full safety and any maintenance that is required. A responsible dealer that offers test drives has to inspect and maintain the vehicle that is test driven to insure the customers safety and authenticity of the safety inspection. Downsview Auto is not able to perform such a task due to the fact that we cycle through vehicles very quickly. However, Downsview Auto permits the customer to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic of his/her choice and a test drive before the customers take possession. Our police has 0% risk: IF THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE VEHICLE THAT DOWNSVIEW CAN’T OR IS NOT WILLING TO FIX THE DEPOSIT IS REFUNDED IN FULL. However, due to an overwhelming demand, Downsview Auto will have 2 demos (a GT and a sedan) prepared and certified for a test drive so customers can get a feel for a Mazda 3 which will be taking place in the near future.

  5. P Durant says:

    very satisfied with dealership. up front and great pricing.drove from kingston to save $3-4 k.

    2007 mazda 3 with 24,000 kms. greaty car for a second vehicle.

  6. Lynet says:

    Thank You Downsview Auto for an excellent customer service! I got a reliable car that fits my budget. The Staff was so helpful and accommodating. when we were picking our choice. I have and sure will be recommending Downsview Auto to my friends in search for quality car that works on their budget. The package they are giving is amazing! With downsview Auto whatever they guarantee you with they sure will keep their word for it. It was a smart choice having my car from Downsview! Keep it up Downsview Auto Team! More Power!

    I am a satisfied customer!

  7. Francesca Coulston says:

    I just purchased a Mazda 3 . The experience was amazing. People here care for their customer. Very Helpful, friendly, informative , accommodating and made the purchase stress free. I would recommend my friends and their kids to come to purchase their car here. Price is good for young kids who need a car to get to school and work. Keep up this service – you made our experience unforgettable – we felt as if we were home.

  8. Daniel Filinski says:

    What an amazing simplified way to shop for a used Mazda !
    We helped our son Dylan buy first car , a 2012 Blue Jay Blue Mazda 3
    Vince was great and Very knowledgeable about the products and Eran was excellent in explaining all the details!
    the extended warranty was also a fabulous idea that we added to the purchase!
    We drove a long way But is Was So Well Worth it
    We highly recommend Downsview Auto for you car purchase !

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